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Find a CPF Coach


Why You Should Work with a CPF Coach

The Certified Professional Financial Coachâ„¢ program is the industry-leading designation earned by an elite group of coaches who are committed to their clients, their business and elevating the entire financial coaching industry. Certified coaches have demonstrated excellence in coaching skills, financial skills and knowledge, and business acumen. They are not hobbyists. They are certified professionals.

Certified coaches have met and are held to rigorous standards set for by the CPF Coach program. By working with a Certified Professional Financial Coach, you are ensuring that you are working with a select group of dedicated professionals.


Certified Professional Financial Coaches


Sherry Andrew

CPF Coach since 2020

Woodstock, Ontario, CAN

Kelsa Dickey

CPF Coach since 2019

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Jill Emanuel

CPF Coach since 2019

Phoenix, AZ, USA


Amy Scott

CPF Coach since 2019

Baltimore, MD, USA

Kacy Smith

CPF Coach since 2020

El Cajon, CA, USA

Check back for more coach listings! We will continue to update this page as financial coaches complete the certification requirements


Contact Us About a CPF Coach 

CPF Coaches are held to rigorous ethical standards as laid out in the CPFCoach Code of Ethics. If you're not sure which coach you should work with, please contact us using the form here.