Certification Requirements


Coaches will be asked to meet the rigorous requirements set for by the certification process. The certification process is designed to ensure all certified coaches have demonstrated they have the financial knowledge, coaching skills, and business acumen necessary to be a Certified Professional Financial Coach™.

The process consists of six modules. Applicants must complete and pass all modules to become a CPFCoach. 

In addition, all coaches must complete the Financial Coach Academy - the certification's education requirement. You can apply for certification after you have completed the Academy or in conjunction as you complete the course. It is recommended that you complete at least 75% of the Academy before you start the certification process.


Once you have been approved to take the certification, you have 12 months to complete all six modules:

  • Short Essay
  • Case Studies
  • Supplemental Business Forms
  • Client testimonials and proof of 10 clients
  • Why video
  • Multiple choice exam

Modules can be completed in any order. Upon submission, allow up to two weeks for grading each module.

Module Information and Grading Critera


Module Completion & Submission


Short Essays


Case Studies


Supplemental Business Materials


Client Testimonials, Proof of Clients

Your "Why" Video


Multiple Choice Exam


Certificate Completion


Eligibility Appeals & Denial

For a comprehensive explanation of certification guidelines, requirements and expectations, read the CPFCoach Candidate Application Handbook. 

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